Why It’s Ideal to Use an E-Floor Finish with Solid Oak Flooring

Since you take the idea or rebuilding or redesigning your home very seriously, you make sure that you explore all your options carefully before making a decision. It is why, for instance, you may have selected solid oak flooring among other wood plank flooring types. If so, you have probably accorded the same time and effort to selecting the right finish as well. You’ve learned about the pros and cons of using wax-based finishes like polyurethane and so forth. But have you heard about the many advantages you stand to enjoy when you use e-floor finishing?
solid-oak-flooringYou’re absolutely correct if you assume that only few homeowners are aware of e-floor finishing. That’s their loss but it need not be yours. Consider e-floor finishing as one of the greatest secrets of the flooring world. E-floor finishing is simply the most time and cost-efficient choice you can make.
For starters, e-floor finishing is an all-around finish. You have solid oak flooring installed in your home right now, don’t you? And e-floor finishing will work wonderfully well on solid oaks. Solid oaks are durable, but this oak flooring can be much tougher when they have a coat of e-floor finishing applied on top of them.
But what if you decide to build a new extension to your home in the future? And you’ve chosen to use a mix of local and exotic hardwood flooring species. Would you still be able to use e-floor finishing for all flooring types? If you’re working with a different type of finish, the answer may be no. But since you’re using e-floor finishing, you can definitely apply it to all kinds of hardwood flooring you have installed.
What if you want an indoor basketball court, you ask? Can e-floor finishing still be used? The answer to that is yes. E-floor finishing can give sport floors the extra durability it needs to withstand all the pressure and force that comes with sport and other athletic activities.
And now you know why e-floor finishing is indeed the best choice for solid oak flooring and other types of flooring materials.

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