Which Floor Paint is Right for your Garage?

Floor paint, although sold for every surface type, is usually used in the garage more than any other area in the house. Some people may use floor paint for the backyard like a picnic nook or a small area with a basketball hoop (or any concrete innate sport area). Usually garage flooring needs some paint and this article will help you pick which one is best. There are so many kinds of paint available, and others are created specifically to match the floor and decor. There are even paints which can be applied specifically over a heated tile floor. Floor paint is easier to work with indoors, but once you apply to the garage, basement, patio, or even on paving stones, you will have to use an epoxy-based paint. Although easier to reach unlike ceilings or walls, it is more dangerous and challenging to work on floors with epoxy-based paint. They are not only for aesthetic purposes but for concrete protection as well. A good paint job will lessen the chances the need for a concrete repair.

floor-paintPicking the right paint forĀ garage flooring will depend on the surface where it will be applied. Although in general, garages have concrete floors some do require specific paint coverings. Select a paint that is designed to cover areas where paint can readily adhere to the surface. Concrete floor paint is designed to stand up to wear and tear once applied. Unless you want to apply a coat of sealant on top of the primer, using a rubber-based polyurethane paint is best. There are many advantages to using epoxy floor paint on concrete floors. A good coat of epoxy paint makes cleaning of grease or any chemical easy. Stains are not able to permeate the concrete and remain on the surface for an easy clean. Before applying, make sure to clean and dry the floor thoroughly. Epoxy paint coated floors are highly durable and will last a long time.

If you want a lesser expensive alternative to epoxy-based paint, then your option is latex paint. They are easy to apply and with proper technique you can have your floor resembling a high end stone finish. Although less expensive than epoxy paint, an application of a protective coating over the latex is necessary for durability and full protection from stains. Also be prepared for drying time, it will take you up to three days before you can use the garage. Latex garage floor paint tends to fade with time, so anticipate that especially if your garage is lit with natural lighting during the day.

Choosing floor paint is similar to choosing wall paint. Make sure they match the rest of the house or the theme of your garage. Color isn’t a problem these days. Both epoxy and latex paints have a variety of colors to choose from.

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