What are White Lawn Grubs?

White lawn grubs or commonly known as white grubs because of their white color are beetle larvae which are very small about ½ to 1 inch only. They frequently occur during spring or summer season. They eat the grasses roots, these results in making the grass decrease its tolerance from drought, heat and other stress. Lawn grubs or white grubs don’t really kill the grass but because of its low tolerance there are dry and wilted patches that appear in its leaves that can lead to the death of the grass in your lawn. Lawn grubs or white grubs love to stay at the thatch layer of the lawn.  So there are many precautions that needed to be considered when fixing it.

As I have stated above lawn grubs or white grubs are common during spring and summer and these are the times that they do the most damage in your lawn. So, you should apply more pesticide at this time and hopefully you will be able to kill all of them, because when the fall season and winter season comes they will stay deep down in the ground almost 8 inches below and pesticides will not be able to reach this point on the ground. When, spring and summer comes again they will come back in the thatch layer again and will continue eating you lawn grass roots, and by that time that they arrived again, they are already adult beetles. If the beetles are in their adult form already it is now the perfect time that they will lay their own eggs, which means that there will be more lawn grubs or whit grubs that will destroy your lawn.

Lawn grubs have many different kind, the most harmful of them are Asiatic, June and Japanese beetles and masked chafers. If this happens you might want to do some lawn repair to keep your lawn healthy.

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