Ways to Avoid Needing Water Damage Repairs

The cost of repairing water damage to your home can be substantial and isn’t always covered by your insurance policy.  That is why it is necessary to use preventative measures to avoid water damage that needs to be repaired.   Once water heaters and washing machines were located in the basement of homes, now they are often on the main floor in a utility room and when they break the damage they do can be extensive.   Water spilling onto your kitchen’s hard wood floor can warp the boards and promote mold and bacteria if it isn’t cleaned up properly.  Cleaning services cost an average of $5000 in the US and that rate can go much higher if you have water leaking through the floor to the ceiling and on to the next floor.  It is much easier to prevent water damage from occurring in the first place than paying for costly repairs after the fact, not to mention avoiding all of the water damage repair hazards that have to be dealt with.

Don’t leave your dishwasher or washing machine running if you leave the house.  While it may seem like a good multi-tasking idea at the moment, if you aren’t there and something breaks and begins to leak, you could come home to serious problems. You should also consider replacing any rubber hoses such as ones on the back of the washing machine, with stainless steel ones.  They will hold up better to the wear and tear and any hoses that are damages, have kinks or holes in them need to be replaced immediately to avoid disaster. Also, replace old water heaters with a new energy efficient system.  They will save you money on water heating bills and could prevent a serious amount of water from pouring into your home while you are away.  If your old water heater is more than a decade old, it is time to replace it.  With a few simple preventative measures, you can keep your home from being water logged and prevent the headache of water damage.

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