Wall Mounted Water Fountains

Over the past 10 years more and more people have been using indoor water fountains as an alternative to traditional home decor.  These wall fountains have been used in a variety of settings such as homes, offices, entryways, doctor’s and dentist’s offices as well as restaurants.  With many different styles and designs to choose from it isn’t hard finding just the right one for your home or office decor needs.

Wall fountains typically use some sort of stone surface type with a metal tray and hood.  The most popular stone surface is slate which comes in black, green and rajah (multicolor).  Some other types of stone used for these fountains are marble and pebbles.  The slate and marble are %100 natural and usually come from India and China.  Because the stone is natural it contains the beauty of mother nature and has some spectacular coloring which really pops out when the stone is wet.  The hood and tray wall-fountainsusually have the option of copper or stainless steel.  The tray contains the water and submersible pump and the water runs up the back of the stone to the hood where it is dispersed over the stone.  Many of these wall fountains also have small halogen lights located in the hood as well.  With all of these possible combination’s you won’t have a hard time creating the exact style to fit your needs.

These wall fountains are typically rectangular in shape and can sit horizontally or vertically.  There are many different sizes as to accommodate any space.  These fountains, although can be quite heavy, are designed to be installed in almost any wall type so don’t worry about it not being able to go on your wall.  They come with all the parts to properly install and they usually aren’t difficult to install and maintain.

Adding a wall fountain to your home or office decor is a great way to beautify your surroundings.  These fountains offer the soothing sounds of running water which are a great way to ease stress and relax from daily pressures.

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