Wall mounted masquerade mask making equipment

If you are a fan of decorating the walls of your home with Venetian masquerade masks then you will know about the huge range of designs that you can purchase and how beautiful they are. Many of you will be curious however about how to actually make your own masquerade mask designs.

Starting out on the path to designing and making your own masks needn’t be either difficult or expensive (although it can be expensive if you are looking to use high quality materials) so don’t let either of these things put you off.

My aim in this article is to give you a general outline of the tools and materials you will need to begin making your own masquerade ball masks.

First off you will need a base for your ball mask, there are two ways in which a beginner can get this. Your first and cheapest option is to create your own from scratch using paper mache and tin foil. This is a little time consuming but I find it far more satisfying to create the whole thing myself. If your more concerned with speed however you may opt for option 2.

masquerade-maskThe second way to acquire your masquerade ball masks base is to simply purchase one from a local craft store or from an online outlet, you should be able to pick one up somewhere in the price range of $7-$10.

The first tool you should purchase is an item that any serious crafts hobbyist will be familiar with, an X-ACTO (Also known as an exacto knife) knife. This will be needed to cut and trim your mask base to exact proportions before you begin to apply decoration.

You will also need craft glue, ask your local stockist for a brand that will be suitable for gluing the materials you have in mind, to the mask.

Doweling rod is optional for those of you who would like to have a stick mask.

Materials for decorating your Venetian masquerade masks

This is where you can get really creative!

What kind of finish do you want? If a rough finish is desired you may consider a layer of glitter or colored sand. You could even use regular sand and use spray paint to color it yourself, try different grades of sand to see what effects you can come up with.

String or yarn can be used to add a rim around the edge of the ball mask or around features like the mouth and eyes. You could also create tassels or drape around the mask to mimic hair of sorts.

Painting your mask is another option, if your mask is going to be of the flexible type make sure that you also buy flexible paint to avoid flaking.

Feathered masquerade masks are always a favorite, ostrich coque and peacock feathers are beautiful but any kind will do when you are starting out and perfecting your new skills.

You can also find materials for your Venetian ball masks around the house, materials from old jewelery and clothes, sequins ribbon and tinsel left over from the festive season are just a few ideas for you to begin with.

You never know, if you get very good at producing your own Venetian masks you may even consider going into business selling them to local shops or party goers.

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