Wall Hung Toilets: A New Household Trend

Although they are the standard for places of business, schools, and highway rest-stops, the wall hung toilet seems to be catching on as a residential style for the modern homeowner. Creating a sense of understated utilitarianism, this design of bathroom appliance is easily found, and at decent prices, on the internet.

A good example of a basic, reasonably priced wall hung style toilet would be Toto’s model, the Aquia Wall in white porcelain. The model comes in cotton white, and costs $177.19. At a lightweight fifty-five pounds, this design of toilet can be a good investment for improving your bathroom’s sanitation (the tank and counterweight for the appliance are installed in the drywall behind it). By attaching to the wall, the amount of porcelain necessary to construct the toilet is considerably limited; less surface area means less mold and bacteria attaching themselves to the toilet. The result is a cleaner bathroom, and less work for you. For a higher-quality wall-hung-toiletmodel at an increased price, the Cheviot 805W-W Elongated Toilet by Cheviot Products costs $483, a difference of about three hundred dollars. A button installed in its center takes the place of the traditional lever, which accomplishes what the toilet itself does in terms of cleanliness by reducing the surface area of the appliance.

Complementing your modernized toilet can be made that much easier by purchasing, in addition, a wall hung faucet. The American Standard Lucerne Sink With Center Faucet Hole Only, also made in white and retailing at $83.96, embodies the same utilitarian principles that the aforementioned toilet does. Another model, the American Standard Lucerne Wall Sink with an eight inch centerset, is slightly more complex than the first faucet in design, but is nonetheless simple and a complement to a toilet also installed without a floor base.

When it comes to bathrooms, most people are looking for simplicity. With wall hung toilet and faucet of this unique design, simplicity is the name of the game.

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