Walk In Showers – Options and Features

Bathroom remodeling is a project that may be somewhat nerve-racking and no more so than when it comes to walk in showers. One of the most essential rooms in your home, the bathroom must be constructed and designed to the homeowners precise specifications. You want to ensure an eye-appealing bathroom, but more importantly, want it to be perfectly operational and free of any leaks or other deficiencies. Many individuals find that their bathroom’s appeal and ambiance is enhanced with the installation of a walk in shower.

Walk in showers can be installed into existing bathrooms, as well as newly constructed bathrooms. You should ascertain that there is ample room in your existing bathroom, as walk in showers require quite a bit of space. There are a variety of benefits to installing walk in shower enclosures, but although much can be said for their functional advantages, many people are drawn to their attractiveness. You can find exactly what you are looking for in a walk in shower, by choosing from a variety of styles all boasting similar features.

Rustic themed walk in showers will be your most cost effective option, and perfect for those individuals working within budget constraints. In this type of shower, the shower head is made of copper, and the color scheme is natural. The rustic walk in shower has the feel of a sauna room, or a mini home or portable spa, as it’s cabin is constructed of beech wood. This type of walk in shower will compliment a mainly traditional, classic, or rustic style house.

If you have set aside a larger budget for your shower, you may choose to go with spa inspired bathroom walk in showers. In this type of shower there will be several shower heads, such as you would find in a spa. The color palette for these is generally soft pastels, whites, and creams. The goal of these showers is a clean, crisp appearance, contrary to the warm feel of the rustic showers. Additions of soft lighting and candles can complete the spa look and enhance the laid back design.

A shower without a door is another design option which may be appropriate when the bathroom space needs to be efficiently utilized. The fact that these showers require no added accessories means that the amount of space required is reduced. Many five star hotels opt for these easy-upkeep showers that give the bathroom a more spacious appearance.

Tile walk in showers are another alternative. Tiling can be done in either ceramic or granite. In the more modern walk in showers, granite is the tile of choice. These styles utilize glass shower enclosures and the granite tiles are affixed to the wall. Your options include detailed designs on the tiles, and bathtubs installed inside the enclosure. These are options reserved for individuals with an extensive budget. Additional space may also be required for these upgrades.

As you can see, there are many options, including “off the shelf” shower units to the more custom walk in showers.

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