Walk In Shower Enclosures Improve The Look of Your Home

If you’ve recently noticed that your shower is growing an unusual amount of mold, or simply is starting to look outdated and dingy, now might be the right time to think about replacing your walk in shower enclosures with something newer. There is an excellent selection of basic shower enclosures made of glass, as well as other made of a diverse range of materials and in a great range of shapes.

Deciding on a walk in shower enclosure and installing it is currently being approached in a low-key manner. Recently, modern bathrooms and showers have aesthetically progressed towards a simple, minimalist type of design. The shower in itself is a relatively simple device : a box where water is projected at you, and drains out through the floor.

Walk in Shower Enclosures

An enclosure for this shower prevents the spray of water form dousing the entire room. Of course, the shower head is an efficient idea. When you add a small shelf to hold your soap, shampoo and other bath accessories, and maybe some basic lighting, you’ll have a minimalist shower enclosure.

Walk In Shower EnclsouresYou can opt for a ‘level access’ shower, in which the floor of the shower and the surrounding floor areas are all at the same height, unifying the design with the room that surrounds it. Or, you can make your walk in shower unit look different form the rest of the bathroom. These sometimes include various widths and colors of tiles to delineate the shower section of the bathroom from the surrounding areas.

Another feature that can make the shower enclosure more visually interesting is lighting, which can liven up the area. You can angle some small lights into the shower enclosure, or even incorporate a shower head that includes light elements, or include lights to highlight certain tile details.

When you install your enclosure on a level floor, you can more easily access the shower itself as there are no steps to take upwards or downwards, and the attached door is easy to open. This type of access can be very important for seniors, who sometimes find the process of getting into and out of a shower area difficult. Similarly, this idea can benefit those who are disabled as well.

Recently, walk in showers have also begun to incorporate an extendable seat when needed, which permits people with mobility issues to shower with greater ease. This type of seat can also be used by an assistant, if the person bathing needs help washing themselves. Your shower enclosure can include the added safety of bars placed along the perimeter, which will allow mobility impaired people extra security.

Current walk in shower enclosures also integrate a shower tray beneath the shower itself to prevent leakage from the basin into the areas below. This shower tray is composed of a durable, hard material and is installed beneath the matting or tile that the shower floor is made from.

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