Using The Reflective Power Of Mirrors

One of the most long lasting decorative and functional items of furniture that has ever been invented for the home has got to be the mirror. We are all well aware of the functional purpose of the mirror. It’s an essential grooming tool that enables us to look our best before go we out into the world at the beginning of the day. However, the real power of the mirror is to be found in its reflective qualities and decorative potential. It has been used for centuries to create the illusion of more space as well as the reflection of light.

The popularity of the mirror has never waned in fact, it is more popular than ever. This can be clearly seen in the huge range of designs, shapes and sizes that are available to buy in the furniture shops and stores today. You can select contemporary wall mirrors for your modern interior design or you can select from a range of antique Venetian mirrors for a more classic look. The style of mirror that you finally choose is very important. The style needs to complement and enhance the existing design theme to make the greatest impact.

The size of mirror is also another important consideration that needs to be taken into account. One of the key qualities of a mirror is that it can create the illusion of more space. If you have for example, a small sized bathroom then hanging a large or oversized contemporary bath mirror would help to make the room look more airy and spacious. The mirror should also be used to maximise the natural light in the room. Positioning them strategically can ensure the light from outside is reflected in to those dark corners. They can also be used to reflect bathroom lighting systems to create more light during the evening time.

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