Using Decorative Hat Boxes

When looking for decorative storage boxes to use in your home, your first instinct is likely to find rectangular boxes. Rectangular boxes are incredibly versatile, and for certain items, like CDs, DVDs, or recipe cards, a rectangle-shaped box is the best kind to keep them in. If the shape of the box is not important, you have more options. The hard angles of rectangular boxes do not lend themselves to more feminine decors, nor do they have the charm and vintage appeal that hat boxes can have.

Hat boxes have been around for a long time, though since their heyday they have faded from use somewhat, at least as far as their original function is concerned. hat-boxesThese days you are far more likely to see round boxes serving as a decorative piece in someone’s well designed living room than you are to receive one when you buy a hat at most stores. This does not mean that if you own a lot of hats you should not keep them in boxes; in fact, storage boxes can be an ideal way to keep your hats from getting dusty or crushed when not in use. But even if you store a hat in one, a pretty round decorative box does not need to be put in your bedroom closet when it could be put out on a table or dresser and admired.

If your hat box is too plain or boring to be worth looking at on a daily basis, it is possible to decorate them. The process can be as simple or complicated as you want, depending on what you want to use. Attaching pretty bows or ribbons is easy and straightforward, decoupage is another step up, and covering the box in fabric is much more involved. But any of these will result in hat boxes you are proud to show off.

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