UPVC Sash Windows

If you have sash windows that have lasted this long, congratulations, but they are almost certainly rotten and beyond repair. Window replacement companies have now developed a UPVC sash window design that slides just like the new timber sash windows did when they were new.

Most of the replacement uPVC sash windows you will see installed only tilt. They are designed to look like sash windows, but that is as far as it goes. Sliding sash uPVC windows slide or tilt according to your ventilation requirements

Replacing your wooden sash windows with modern sliding uPVC replacements upvc-sash-windowsmeans you will never have to paint those awful window frames again, either inside or outside. No more climbing ladders with a paintbrush every summer. Cleaning the outside of the windows is also much easier than sitting outside on the windowsill while somebody holds onto your legs. PVC sash windows are safer too because they can be locked open to any position.

New PVC sash windows are infinitely more burglar resistant than old, rotten softwood ones, that even a trainee housebreaker could open with just a pocket-knife. You might be able to negotiate a reduction in your home insurance premiums after replacing wooden sash windows.

You can even buy brown uPVC windows if you are replacing old oak ones and need to keep your home looking the same. If you are replacing old windows and live in an area subject to conservation laws you must first check for any planning regulations or requirements.

Sliding sash windows will cost slightly more but they are worth it to maintain the authentic, original look to your house.

After fitting your new uPVC sash windows you will notice immediately how much warmer your rooms are because there is no longer the long gaps between the upper and lower parts of the timber window. You can expect less condensation and much lower heating bills because less of your heated air is escaping through badly fitting windows.

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