Upright Or Chest Freezers

A lot of people when they buy a freezer will purchase an upright freezer by default.  Perhaps they prefer the way they look, or maybe they do not even realize alternatives like chest freezers are available. Whatever the reason may be, it is possible they are doing themselves a disservice – both chest and upright freezers have points in their favor, and each type of are worthy of consideration.

The Benefits Of Chest Freezers

If saving money is important to you, then a deep chest freezer has some significant advantages.  A deep chest freezer costs less than comparable upright freezers.  This alone can be a deciding factor for many people purchasing an appliance.

On top of this, a deep freezer costs less to operate also.  Due to their highly energy efficient designs, chest freezers use less chest-freezerselectricity than upright freezers.  The result of this is a lower power bill each and every month for the life of the appliance – this is not something to sneeze at.

The other great advantage of chest freezers is their reliability.  They are usually very basic appliances with a minimal of fancy – and breakable – features.  Basic freezer technology has been around for a long time, and these units will not wear out for a very long time.

The Positives Of Upright Freezers

The aforementioned chest freezer reliability does, as mentioned, come partially as a result of the lack of features.  If you want upscale functionality like automatic defrost you will need to look at purchasing an upright unit.  If performing the occasional manual defrost of the freezer is not a big deal to you then this point is not particularly important.

The main advantage of an upright freezer is for use when space is limited.  These devices have a very small footprint, so can be installed in quite tight spaces.  They only require a small floor area for installation simply because most of their volume is due to them being rather tall.

Clearly, aesthetics aside there are many reasons to consider a chest freezer as the best type of bulk food freezer, and likewise several reasons to prefer an upright freezer.  Armed with this information you can now make the best decision for you.

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