Finding an Umbrella Stand

I was looking for a new umbrella stand the other day and searching online when I came across this amazing story of the couple who were using an 18″ “lantern” vase in their spare room as an indoor umbrella stand. Not only that it was thought it may have even belonged to Florence Nightingale. I love stories like this about objects being found around the home that turn out to be valuable antiques or a mysterious piece of lost art. It’s something we all secretly wish for when we see that piece of antique furniture at home that we don’t know a lot about.

It turns out this vase was made around 1740 and is an imperial vase made for Emperor Qianlong and is expected to reach about £500 000 at auction! Incredible. (Do a link to original article). When it comes to umbrella stands I don’t think we are going to be so lucky, nor would I advise using any antique vase you find as one.

Buying an Umbrella Stand

When it comes to umbrella stands there are many styles to choose from indoor to outdoor patio umbrella stands. They are both a functional item yet you can buy one to add a touch of style an panache to your hallway, porch or patio area. They also prevent water from running all over the floor and so protect your precious flooring or carpet. Also an umbrella stand is useful for tidying up clutter so you can stop leaving umbrellas and sticks lying around waiting for someone to trip over.

Umbrella stands can be a piece of furniture on their own or can be incorporated in to a coat or hat stand. There are many different styles to choose from and you should buy one that is in keeping with your overall theme. There are cast iron, antique style stands which are heavy and often ornate. I personally prefer the more modern stands which are usually no more than a tall vase type shape, often square, but do not cost £500 000!!

One of my favorites is a simple, tall rectangular seagrass stand. The color is light brown and will fit in with most decor arrangements.They are light and can easily be carried around and are cheap to buy.You can often pick up a nice quality one up for around $30.

Although not essential in the home the umbrella stand can make the house look tidy, add a bit of flare and allow you to tidy up any clutter lying around.

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