Types of Carport Available

In may place when winter is around the corner it is a good idea to look at protection of your car and other household items and no better place to look than the carport. If you are sick of digging your car out from under the snow or having to de-ice the windows on a freezing cold morning or night then a place to store your car is vital. If you cannot afford the cost of a garage build then a carport could be the solution.


Materials and building techniques have changed and carport kits are now much more sophisticated than they used to be. There are many different styles and designs to choose from as well as the materials from which you can have it constructed. They come in different colors, price ranges, sizes and they can be found fully enclosed or open. It is even possible to match one to your house, using similar materials.

The following lists the more common kinds of carports that can be found:

Polyethylene Carports:

carportIf the are you live in is not subject to extremes of weather then a soft top plastic carport may be the answer. Polyethylene is a very durable material but for overall resilience and strength they provide little competition for the aluminium and steel varieties. These types are very useful, however, for portable or temporary carports.

Aluminum Carports:

Aluminium is a very strong and sturdy material when compared to polyethylene or polyester. They can be fitted with extras such as, gutters, drainage systems, windows and doors and come in many different styles and colors. They are quite inexpensive and can often be constructed by yourself with the minimum of tools. Their main downside is that they are not as strong or sturdy as a carport made from steel.

Metal Carport:

A carport made from steel is very strong and sturdy and now come with rust proof protection. They produce the best carports available to buy. They come at a higher price but they will lat much longer.

Not only will metal carports provide extra functional capabilities to the home they will also often enhance the appearance and can add value to the house. In many ways they are a perfect substitute for a permanent garage. They will not only add value to your house, a carport will also protect the investment in your vehicle or car and help preserve its value.

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