Travertine Tile: An Exceptional Choice

Most frequently regarded as tiles, travertine is actually a stone which is pressed into such form. This type of stone, derived from nature, is utilized to improve a house’s look. Since not a single travertine tile naturally turns out exactly the same as another, these tiles give homeowners wonderful and unique variations to select from.

Treated many ways to further create various styles and appearances, travertine tiles include the polished, the honed, the brushed, and the tumbled designs. In this regard, consumers have the choice to pick varied styles according to their respective personal preferences. Although the tiles are generally of the flat form, some forms function better for projects that are different. The honed and the polished tiles are shiny and smooth whilst the brushed and the tumbled forms appear and feel more textured.

Definitely, travertine floor tile can enhance any room’s look. These add an incomparable elegance to a room, thus also enhancing the home’s overall look. Their shiny, honed, or smoothly-polished forms appear wonderful indoors. Meanwhile, these natural stone tiles are travertine-tilealso superb for a patio or an outdoor receiving area. All in all, these stones are really tough enough to be able to withstand heavy foot traffic, as well as resist scratches.

The installation of the aforementioned travertine floor tiles can be easy if the correct or appropriate tools are there. Moreover, it is vital that the involved surface is flat, to immediately start putting the tiles on. Then, grout will be applied onto each tile’s bottom, and then the said tile will be pressed down to the surface, slowly and controlled. The same procedure is to be followed on all of the tiles needed to cover a certain area. Afterward, grout must be put in between spaces and cracks. Excess grout or “spills” can be wiped away with the use of a wet sponge. Later, a sealer may be spread on these tiles to give them protection, and to help them last longer. Conclusively, if an enhancement of a particular home’s beauty is desired, the installation of the travertine tile type is an excellent choice.

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