The Low Down on Tile Flooring

I was recently surprised to learn that tile flooring is a healthy option when it comes to putting flooring down at home. Although carpet is nice and cozy and warm underfoot it harbors pollutants and is a contributor to poor indoor air. These include house dust mites, mold and mildew. This is especially important to those with conditions such as asthma and allergies.

As well as harboring these particles, most carpets today are made of synthetic fibers which are often treated with chemicals and dyes. That nice new carpet smell might not be so nice after all! These chemicals can be released as Volatile Organic Compounds or VOC’s. Also carpets are a lot less easy to clean than a nice smooth ceramic floor tiles. Just think of everything you can walk into a carpet when coming from outdoors – bacteria,dirt,chemicals from the roads and garden. Tile flooring is a lot easier to clean and sterilize.

Ok, I hear you say – what about steam cleaning the carpet. This will never get rid of all the dirt but what it will do is leave the carpet damp which will encourage mold growth.

So we come to the alternative – the trusty floor tile. These have been used for thousands of years – ancient Greeks and Romans produced wonderful baths made from mosaic tiles. I guess they new a thing or two about cleanliness.

Ceramic floor tiles are made from clay, obtained from natural resources which are hardened in a kiln. They are covered with a coat of glaze to give a wonderful array of colors and designs. This glaze, however is important as it makes the floor tiles resistant to mold and bacteria which is perfect for allergy sufferers.It is often also easier to see the dirt on the tiles and they are extremely easy to clean and even sterilize. They can be steam cleaned and the water will soon evaporate leaving your tile flooring clean, dry with no dangers of damp settling.

Both bathroom floor tiles and kitchen floor tiles are ideal substitutes for carpet as these are the areas most likely to get damp and dirty. Another advantage is that in the long run floor tiles will often be more economical than carpet as they are less likely to need to be replaced as often.

Overall ceramic floor tiles are a great way to keep your house clean and they are also an easy clean option. If you live in a warm climate why not go the whole way a put tile flooring in all your rooms.

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