Things to Consider Before Buying a Shower Chair

Taking a shower might be difficult for elderly people with mobility issues or those who are crippled or handicapped. For this reason, it is important to find ways how to shower with these conditions of which one effective way is to sit down. The problem of having to sit whilst showering can be solved easily by buying a shower chair that is water resistant to use in the shower stall.

By using such chair, a person will be able to shower safely and comfortably. However, not all shower stalls are big enough to allow a chair inside, and some showers are situated inside a bathtub which makes it more difficult to place one in the bathtub. So before you start looking for shower chairs, you should first take note of the design and size of your unit. Once you measured correctly the shower entrance, the next step would be to choose a high quality chair.

There are many types of portable shower chair. Each chair is made for a specific shower stall design. So if your shower is inside the bathtub, then you need to look for one that will fit inside your bathtub. This situation is quite common so finding a bathtub chair is not particularly difficult as most bath stores and hardware sell a wide range of these chairs. Make sure to choose a model that is sturdy and firm and will not move or slide around in the bathtub and has a leg bottom that is rubberized so it will not slip easily. Generally, tub seats are quite affordable; however, if you get a full chair with a back on it, it can be more expensive.

So if you or a family member needs to sit down while taking a shower, you need to buy a handicapped shower chair or a rolling shower chair. Just remember to take the correct measurements of your acrylic showers stalls before buying a chair.

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