The Visual Appeal of Tiffany Lamps by Quoizel

Following the death of founder Louis C. Tiffany in 1933, the Tiffany Studio shut down operations for good. Crippled by the Great Depression, the studio was unable to survive, causing the production of leaded and stained glass to cease. A burgeoning entity named Quoizel, founded in New York in 1930, started to fulfill the role left vacant by the end of Tiffany Studio.

While Quoizel presently makes reproductions of various lines, including Rutledge, Queensgate and Sussex, their Tiffany glass is one of its most sizable and most popular ones. Lots of people believe Quoizel lamps in the Tiffany style to be of tiffany-lampssimilar, if not better quality than actual Tiffany lamps, though they are less expensive and more widely available to design professionals. Traditional Tiffany themes, including florals, geometric patterns and dragonflies are accurately re-done by Quoizel.

The artisans of Quoizel have expanded the original Tiffany line of lampshades to include task lights, decorative items, vases, furniture inserts and other lighting fixtures. Using current techniques, Quoizel has branched out into new color themes to offer Tiffany style lamps in a broader range of designs. As further evidence of Quoizel’s innovation, it has introduced a wider range of production material for these items, including mica, agate and jade.

Individual glass items continue to be joined by soldering in order to guarantee stability, just as they were in the days of the Tiffany Studio. But, Quoizel makes use of various types of base components, including resins, iron or ceramic in order to keep prices low enough for broad consumer accessibility. Newer finish surfaces and material have been blended with traditional style in order to produce a legitimately desirable line of lamps and other products. Thanks to current construction and manufacturing processes, customers can purchase items with classic Tiffany beauty, but which also incorporate the utmost in safety and quality standards.

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