The Contemporary Bankers Lamp

Traditional bankers lamps were made of brass bases and green glass shades, a look that most of us are familiar with even if we’ve only seen it in actual banks, offices or movies set in the early 20th century. The look is still a popular one in very traditional homes that have dark wood libraries and offices. These lamps are still often found in office buildings on places like lawyers’, accountants’ and business men’s desks. But many more people are enjoying the style of lamp in a whole new way today.

Bankers lamps became widely used because they’re efficient. The way the shade is designed allows the light to beam down upon the desk right where you need it. It allows people to work longer and concentrate on paperwork with less eye strain and fatigue because of the light it provides. People who want this kind of practical light today can choose a bankers lamp that looks anything bankers-lampsbut stuffy or traditional.

The bases are made of all different types of material, some ornate and some very sleek and smooth with a contemporary look. And glass shades have moved far beyond the traditional green. These can be purchased in almost any color you want, so this style of lamp would even look good in a child’s room that has a theme of primary colors or pastels.

Anyone who uses a desk can benefit from a bankers lamp or one that’s styled in a similar way. But because they’re made in so many different styles, it’s easier to choose one that might match a certain decor or person’s personality. Teenagers might enjoy brightly colored shades or white shades with bright colored bulbs. And the desk in a room that looks less like a modern office and has a more casual look might benefit from a lamp that’s a little more relaxed and has a different color scheme than the traditional bronze and green.

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