The Best Kitchen Shelf Choices

When it comes to storage in the kitchen, you never really can get enough of it.  This is where kitchen shelves come in.  While nearly every kitchen has cabinets, sometimes you just need a few more shelves to fit everything in neatly.  Some designs of kitchen shelf are mounted directly on the wall, others can fit inside cabinets, and you can get an over the sink shelf to put right over the kitchen sink.

Individual shelves like the wire meshes that stand alone and can be stacked inside cabinets can be availed of without even shelling out more than ten bucks.  Sliding metal pieces that can be installed without professional help fare at around $15 to $20.  Expandable wooden shelves (set of two) are pricier with a $40 to $50 price range.  However, they commonly come individually or kitchen-shelfin minimal sets of two to three.  For a huge pantry, for instance, this would be a very costly choice.  It would be better to invest in the Lazy Susan shelf prototypes especially if one is trying to organize a pantry.  Rev-A-Shelf offers choices in different sizes.  Prices are definitely steeper compared to the separate shelves, but if we are to look at the long term, then the $215 approximate price that it commands would be worth every cent.  Take for example their 22-inch kitchen carousel type shelf.  The five layers and an adjustable height with a maximum limit of 62 inches – it just spells out organization to the max!  Smaller cabinets can accommodate a round lazy Susan with at least two shelves and this does not go beyond $50.

Their easy installation of a kitchen shelf also makes them easy prey for people who long to renovate their kitchen and finally put things in order.  At the least, they wouldn’t have to engage in that sighing moment wherein one has to swim through the entire cabinetry just to find an extra box of lasagna noodles.

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