The Beauty of Travertine Flooring

There comes a time in the lives of every home owner when they will decide they are tired of their home and that they need to give the entire house a complete overhaul. Of course, there are small ways to do this, like buying new rugs, curtains or linens. But sometimes, small changes like those are just simply not enough to achieve the new look you so desperately need. In those situations, you should look for making a more dramatic shift in your home. You could paint the walls, add wallpaper or buy new furniture. But for the most dramatic shift possible, you could even change the ground beneath your feet with some new travertine flooring.

Give yourself a whole new home by giving the flooring in your home the old heave ho and putting down a new floor that will make your home feel unbelievably posh inside. One of the hottest flooring materials you will find around today is travertine flooring. The gorgeous tile flooring has been appearing in home magazines and home and garden television programs for years now as one of the most beautiful options for covering the floor in your home. It is very nice in appearance because it is very travertine-flooringsimilar in appearance to marble, which is another flooring option that so many people love.

Another great thing about travertine floor tiles is how beautiful they feel underneath your feet. The cool feel of tile is a wonderful feeling to wake up to in the morning or feel beneath your feet on a hot summer’s day. Also, you will find that many homes actually use travertine tiles as back splashes in kitchens so that is another worthwhile option as the floor and back splash will look so good together.

One aspect of travertine floors to keep in mind if you have children or pets is that, if it is not sealed, it can be highly susceptible to stains. Of course, it can always be covered by washable rugs to ensure that it is not marred by stains in heavily trafficked areas. If you go that route, you still get to enjoy the beautiful travertine flooring, while knowing it is protected in case of spills or accidents and that you can simply wash your rug and put it down again to have the whole area looking like new.

Although travertine flooring is a little more expensive than other flooring options, it is well worth the additional expense to have something, which looks so good in your home.

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