The Basics on Clutter Clearing

Have you ever tried to do clutter clearing in your home before? If it’s your first time to do it, you must learn about the basics first. With a little practice you can finish the job in just a few hours. Just keep in mind that you don’t need to things quickly, take your time and pace yourself. The first basic step in clutter clearing is the “sorting part”.  This is the part when you go over your things and sort which you will keep and which ones you will let go. If you are not the type who keeps stuff with sentimental value, this should be easy for you to get rid of the clutter. Throw the items which you think you don’t want to keep anymore and keep in boxes those you plan to store, donate or sell. Make sure you tear or shred your personal documents so that nobody will be able to access them.

If you feel that the clutter clearing process is too much for you to handle, why not invite a friend to help you finish faster by assisting you. If you want to know what you have accomplished in a certain period of time, use a timer. Doing so can help you determine what you can finish with the amount of time that you have used. In case you’re having problems deciding which items to keep or throw away, you can make use of a clutter emergency card. This card contains questions which can help you make those decisions. After you have finally finished segregating all the items, it is now time to decide what you must do with them.

Sometimes, your first decision isn’t really final and you may find items which you can still reuse. It would be a good idea to recycle them. There are some items that can be redecorated or redefined and they can still be used again. For those things or clothes that you plan to give away, there are many charities and foundations which are very much willing to accept them. If there are items that you wish to sell, why not hold a yard sale or garage sale in front of your home, you can still earn from them you know. You can also rent a space in a flea market or a swap meet to sell the things you think can still be useful to others. These are just the basics of clutter clearing so if you are really planning to do this job, follow the guide above and learn more about it to help you with this task.

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