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Issues to Consider – Outdoor Garden Lighting

Homeowners who compliment their landscaping with garden lighting will really enjoy the benefits. This extra lighting at night is not only pleasant for the family to enjoy, it’s also safer for visitors and provides a fantastic deterrent for intruders. Once you make the decision to add lighting to your yard and gardens, you will realize that you have many options to choose from. You can go with the reliability of electric, the convenience and money saving features of solar, or you can combine the two. You will want to carefully review the pros and cons of both before making your decision.

Electrical outdoor lights offer brighter lights that can be on as long as you desired, as opposed to solar garden lights that will only run as long as their batteries allow. However, electrical lighting can cost you more money in the long run. You will also need to take into account the time and skill needed to run electrical lines for these lights. With initial costs of purchasing the lights, electrical and solar lights are actually comparable in price to each other. But it is important to realize that you will be adding at least another $200 to the bill for electrical lights because you will need to purchase a 12v transformer. The great convenience of a solar garden light is that there is no additional equipment needed, no lines to run, and therefore you will have the option to place them anywhere in the yard.

Solar lights can be moved around from time to time for added interest, whereas electrical garden lights will require careful planning and their installation will be more permanent. If you are using electrical lights, you will also want to take into account other electrical components already in place on or near your property. You may find that there are other power lines that will be an obstacle as you work, requiring that you either move those other lines or change your planned lighting layout. With solar lighting the only issue you will need to keep in mind is being sure that the light will receive enough sunlight throughout the day to charge the battery. With solar garden lighting the only decision you have to make is picking the perfect spot for your light and then placing it in the ground.

If you are using electrical garden lighting, it is ideal to begin by lighting your front entrance and any pathways that lead to that entrance. Once those lines are laid you can begin working outward into the garden areas or side walkways. Landscaping features like pools or ponds look truly gorgeous at night with lighting strategically placed to reflect on the water, and it would be ideal if you had enough power supply for your electrical lights to accomplish this. The last thing you want is to have a series of extension cords running through your yard as this can be unsightly and dangerous. Some homeowners decide to install these lights themselves, while others will decide to hire a professional to run the power lines and install the lights. Keep in mind that if you are looking to save money and time, then solar lights may be the way to go.

It is also important to note that if you are using conventional garden lighting, you will need to dig trenches for the wiring and there will be cable connections involved. Once the proper power supplies are run and the lines buried, changing any part of your electrical lighting arrangement will require extensive work. Solar lights, however, are quick to install and just as fast to rearrange at a later time.

Obviously, outdoor garden lighting offers many different options and so decisions should be made with great care. However, one great benefit of electrical landscape lights is that the light will be stronger, brighter, more consistent and you can set it on a timer to truly come on and off when you desire. Some people prefer electrical landscape lighting for these reasons and would not consider anything else. However, other people prefer solar lights for their convenience of installation, ease of rearranging, and power conservation features. When you are considering your garden lighting options, weight up the information discussed and decide on what best suits you.

A Guide To Solar Garden Lights

If you are looking for a relatively easy, cheap and environmentally friendly way of illuminating your garden tonight then look no further than solar garden lights. They use the energy derived from the sun, collected during the day to charge a small battery which then powers the lights at night. They can be installed quickly and easily as there is no need for any wiring or electrical work to be done which is one of the big disadvantages of traditional garden lights.

Solar Garden Lights

During the day a solar garden light draw on the energy of the sun during daylight hours. They convert this energy into electricity using a photovoltaic cell which is the bluish reflective area you see on top of the garden light. This electricity is used to charge a battery within the light. There is also a small light sensor which switches the light on when it gets dark so that no power is wasted by being on during the day. Solar powered garden lights provide illumination using light emitting diode lights or LED lights which are very efficient and use relatively little power. This allows the lights to stay on during the dark for long periods of time. The amount ofSolar Garden Lightsenergy absorbed during the day will determine how bright and for how long these lights will stay on for at night. Advances in LED technology mean that newer lights use less energy so tend to be brighter and sat on for longer.

Solar garden lighting come in many different styles, designs and sizes and can be used anywhere in the garden that gets light. They can be used for stair, deck and fence lighting where they can increase safety within the garden. They can also be used to illuminate and enhance the landscaping or any architectural features, such as a sculpture, you may have in the garden. Solar lights for garden come in different colors which are great for adding mood effects. Due to the fact they do not need any wiring outdoor solar garden lights can be found that will float on the water. if you have any sort of water feature, having these float on the surface creates rippling reflections of light which can be very romantic.

You may wondering how solar LED garden lights compare to conventional lighting arrangements. Well, the biggest advantage as outlined above is the lack of requirement for wiring. No complicated installation is therefore required and you do not need to use the services of an electrician – a big money saver. They do not require any maintenance unless one of the batteries fails or the lights break. If this happens it is often a case of throwing the lights away and buying new ones.

If you are looking for a lighting solution to your outdoor area then I would thoroughly recommend looking at solar garden lights as a cost effective, low maintenance solution.