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Year Round Lighting With String Lights

Many people assume that string lights are only for special or holiday use. This is far from the truth. Many of these lights are designed for year round or everyday use. In many cases it is the ideal alternative to a few large and harsh light bulbs, which would blind a person when they were turned on suddenly in a dark room.

Uses for Sting Lights:

1) Indoor uses;

A baby’s nursery is one example of the wonderful use for indoor string lights. They give the needed light without hitting the little one’s eye and making them cry. They can even be in colors other than white to match with the walls or other decor in the room.

Another indoor application would be for office or restaurant use. In an office they could be used to highlight indoor plants or paintings. In a restaurant they could be used to help set the customer at ease, or different parts of the dining area could be done in different color lights, with the patron’s being allowed to choose what area they sit in.

2) Outdoor uses;

When placed out of doors, string lights can be used to light a walkway to increase safety for those walking at night and make more of the space useable at night time.

They can also be used to accent certain areas of the yard to show off certain plants or features.

Features of Outdoor lights;

Many of these solar string lights come with solar panels so that you do not have to worry about a power source. The panel can be placed in an inconspicuous spot to collect energy during the day, and then when it gets dark they light up on their own. Some solar lights may come with a switch so you can have the lights on during the day if you choose too.  Other types of outdoor string lights need to be plugged into an electrical socket, so you need to plan the placement of the lights accordingly. With this last type you need to make sure that they are weather proof or you will need to bring them in before you water, or if it rains.