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Secure Your Home With Gates

Recently there has been a lot of media attention on the topic of property security, with experts linking the economic slump with an increase in home burglaries. Time and time again, the police and home security experts are recommending the same things to protect your property from intruders; a good motion sensitive light, a good home alarm system and a sturdy pair of secure gates, with a lot of experts recommending wooden gates as their preferred material of choice.

We have a saying here in the UK, that an Englishman’s home is his castle and since even the most spacious detached property no longer has room for a moat and drawbridge these days, the best you can do to protect your property is to install a good set of garden gates.

There are many, many benefits of installing a set of gates to your property but the main two that we will cover today are privacy and security.

On a very basic level, a gated property is more discreet and can offer you and your family a sense of privacy within your own home. A good example is if you and your family are out in your back yard one summer’s afternoon you should be able to play, laugh and generally have fun without passers by seeing what you are all doing. A good side gate will add a distinct divide between the front and back of your house. Side gates are also perfect if you have a dog and wish to let him run free in the back garden without the risk of him bolting away.

The main feature of adding gates to your property is for security. Using the above scenario as an example, a side gate wont just allow you to enjoy spending time in the privacy of your own back yard but will also stop any opportunist thief’s from simply wandering in and taking any bikes, toys or garden machinery that you might have left out in the garden. The reason for this is simple, they simply don’t know that it’s there and they also don’t know if you are sitting quietly out back or even worse, if there is a huge dog running free. This lack of knowledge with too many unknowns thrown in will deter most would be criminals.

A set of drive gates will add the same level of privacy and security to the front of your house as a side gate would to the back. Currently the number of car crimes and theft of motor vehicles from properties is on the rise and by adding a tall set of driveway gates, you aren’t advertising what car you drive or even if there is a car on the drive at all. These simple, visual deterrents may sound obvious, but it is amazing how many people don’t take their home security seriously.

A property that looks to be secure will deter all but the most committed of burglars and thief’s; if you have obviously taken the time to secure your house with a good set of garden gates then what’s to say that you haven’t taken the rest of your security seriously. If you were a burglar out on the prowel and you had a choice between a house with large gates that you would have to negotiate or a house that looked unguarded with garden machinery and patio furniture on full display and you could see that there was nobody around, which property would you go after?