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Ways to Climb in the Top Bunk

As I said in a previous post, bunk beds can get pretty unsafe if you don’t follow some simple safety steps. Most accidents, according to statistics happen because kids don’t climb the ladder in order to get in the top bunk properly. But if you are not at a your age, there are other ways you can reach in the top bunk bed without the use of a ladder.

All new bunk beds for kids bought from the store come with a ladder, but the ones you may buy from your neighbor or at a flea market may not. But if you have one, use it in order to be safe. I know it’s not that cool, but it’s the right way.

Another way to get in the top bunk, but without using the ladder is by standing at the head of the bunk bed and placing one foot on the headboard. Now, hold tightly to one of highest points that you can reach. You have to pull yourself up and put the other foot on the headboard of the upper bunk; during this maneuver, swing the first foot over the side in order for it to get in the bunk.

One other method to get in the top bunk is position yourself on the side of the bunk bed, but near the headboard and to step on the bottom’s bunk mattress. Hold tight to the guardrails of the top bunk and pull yourself up using your arms force.

And one final way requires the help of another person that helps you by pushing you in the top bunk.

Now, remember, these are very risky method, do-not-try-at-home type! The safest way you can get in the upper bunk is by using a ladder. If your bunk bed doesn’t have one, go immediately to the store and buy one or build it yourself. Because you always have to be safe!

5 Points About Bunk Beds For Kids

Bunk beds for kids will save space in your home as it creates vertical usable space. Buying this furniture will optimize functionality and also kids love sleeping on these beds. Let us discuss five questions which are often asked about this furniture.

1) How to save money while purchasing these beds?

Your local furniture store may not be the best option as you can get many discounts online. Websites like eBay come out with good deals all the year round and often wholesalers use this site for selling their products. In such cases you are assured of a lower price as you are not going through third party retail store. Actual furniture shops have quite a bit of overhead costs and therefore are unable to give you reduced prices.

bunk-beds-for-kids2) What are the various styles available?

There are various themes available which differentiate bunk beds. Depending upon the interests of your children you can make a selection. The popular themes you will come across are based on action figures and sports. You also get beds in the usual generic styles which are less costly but you can always go for themes as you will be getting a discount online.

3) What are the dangers in using bunk beds?

The most common fear most parents have is that their child is likely to fall off from a height and that the bed might not be strong enough. The strength of the bed will depend on the material used, and metal or wooden bunk beds are considered better than the cheap plastic ones.

For safety of your child the bed should have a thick bar built across the upper bed, so that it stops the child from rolling over the edge. Even with the best safety standards you still will have to instill in your kids the habit of being careful, as there is always a danger if your kid is playing rough from a height.

You also have the option of choosing shorter bunk beds if your kids are very young. This will reduce the risk of injury of a serious kind in case of a fall as the distance is less. You also need to make sure that the distance between the bunks isn’t too little, as this will result in your kid banging his head when he sits up.

4) Which would be the best material?

As previously mentioned, bunk beds for kids made out of metal and wood are the sturdiest, but they will be a little costly. Wood is preferred over metal as it is more lasting, but again metal will be cheaper in comparison. Usually both materials are equally good as your kids will outgrow them before they need replacement.

5) What size is the best?

This is an important aspect and you need to make sure the length is enough for your child to comfortably stretch out.

Kids grow at a faster rate than you think and therefore opt for a model which has a futon which can be pulled out for extension. You also need to be aware of the dimensions of your room and the space you have allocated for the bed. Be sure of the size of the bunk beds for kids, from the beginning as returning them is quite a hassle.