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Ways to Climb in the Top Bunk

As I said in a previous post, bunk beds can get pretty unsafe if you don’t follow some simple safety steps. Most accidents, according to statistics happen because kids don’t climb the ladder in order to get in the top bunk properly. But if you are not at a your age, there are other ways you can reach in the top bunk bed without the use of a ladder.

All new bunk beds for kids bought from the store come with a ladder, but the ones you may buy from your neighbor or at a flea market may not. But if you have one, use it in order to be safe. I know it’s not that cool, but it’s the right way.

Another way to get in the top bunk, but without using the ladder is by standing at the head of the bunk bed and placing one foot on the headboard. Now, hold tightly to one of highest points that you can reach. You have to pull yourself up and put the other foot on the headboard of the upper bunk; during this maneuver, swing the first foot over the side in order for it to get in the bunk.

One other method to get in the top bunk is position yourself on the side of the bunk bed, but near the headboard and to step on the bottom’s bunk mattress. Hold tight to the guardrails of the top bunk and pull yourself up using your arms force.

And one final way requires the help of another person that helps you by pushing you in the top bunk.

Now, remember, these are very risky method, do-not-try-at-home type! The safest way you can get in the upper bunk is by using a ladder. If your bunk bed doesn’t have one, go immediately to the store and buy one or build it yourself. Because you always have to be safe!

A Twin Over Queen Bunk Bed for Siblings Sharing a Room

For children who must share a room, a twin over queen bunk bed can be a very helpful solution. It provides children of different ages their own unique sleep space and allows for more floor area as well. Many different style options allow a family to choose the type of look they want for the room and a product that may satisfy the tastes of both kids using the furniture.

When kids of different ages share a room, it can be challenging to find furniture that satisfies the tastes of both a teen or preteen and a youngster. This type of layout lets each child express his or her own style and leaves plenty of floor space for other items, such as a study desk, toy box and separate dressers. A product made of wood can be found in both classic and contemporary themes. A product with a rustic look is also available. There are steel frame products as well, which will allow for many decor options. Often twin-over-queen-bunk-bedthey are more contemporary in style and can satisfy the taste of both children, if bedding and other furniture are coordinated with them.

A twin over queen bunk bed come be made quite differently, from one product to the next. Some models simply make the smaller frame for the upper level to sit over the larger lower level.  Others will consist of a futon on the bottom, which can be folded up during the day to provide a sitting area. Another configuration is the L shape, which will allow the item to fit nicely in a corner, against two walls.

Regardless of which item you select, it should come with a ladder for the younger one to climb up each night. Some ladders are built in, while others attach to the side frame. It should also have rails on top, to prevent smaller kids from falling out at night.