The Steam Shower Benefits

The steam shower is becoming increasingly popular in the home as we all try to feel better from both a physical and mental perspective. A steam shower enclosure can bring in the health benefits of a spa into your own home. The following discusses the benefits of upgrading your bathroom and installing steam shower units.

Physical Health:

The most optimal working temperature of a steam shower session is around 43-46c. Around these temperatures the body works to increase its metabolism and increase its maximal ability to regulate the body’s core temperature. The effect of this, which is similar to a workout, is to burn energy or calories to regulate the temperature. This can work out at many calories, even a similar amount to a long run. Re-hydrating will replace a lot of the bodies lost weight with water but the energy burned can help control weight and help in a weight loss program.

To effectively regulate the temperature, the microvasculature near the surface of the skin dilates to allow heat to escape through the skin. This increase in blood flow, in turn, increases the heart rate to push more blood around the body. This in turn pushes more blood through the bowels and kidneys. The increase flow through these organs increases the excretion of toxins and ultimately leads to an increased detoxification of the body. Also, this can boost the immune system and fight infection. Bugs, such as viruses can be suppressed at temperatures found in a steam room or spa which can further help in reducing risk of illness.


When you return home for a long day at work, feeling stressed, it is nice to be able to relax. Steam showers are great at allowing you time on your own to unwind. A lot of steam shower units have music facilities such as a CD or MP3 player, so you can relax to your favorite music. Combine that with the soothing, muscle relaxing effect of jets of water to massage your body and you are truly experiencing a relaxation session and leave you fresh and invigorated for the evening ahead.

Mental and Emotional Stimulation:

A feature of a steam room or steam shower is that you are able to use aromatherapy oils and some showers even come equipped with chromotherapy lighting to bring about emotional responses. The essential oils used in aromatherapy are derived from plants  and have known health effects on the body. They can help relax, refresh, stimulate,soothe and generally invigorate the body and also help decrease inflammation and congestion.


In the past it was only the expensive health spas that had steam rooms so many people never got to experience the benefits. With steam shower units now becoming more popular and mainstream in the home their prices have dropped and availability increased. They can be very cost effective if you are a regular user of spas.

Overall steam showers are very quickly becoming an affordable luxury that can be installed in most homes, often replacing the standard walk in shower enclosures. The steam shower is certainly here to stay.

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