Solar Powered Lights For Gardens

Adding lights to your garden can completely change the way your home appears at night.  Many plants offer attractive decorating effects when properly lit at night.  Using solar powered lights for the garden is a way to decorate your garden without adding to your electric bill the way any other type of lighting would.

In keeping with the theme of having a garden and caring about living things, solar powered lights have no effect on our society’s power production along with its pollution and effect on global warming.  And when LED lights are used, there is far less pollution of any kind.  As you may or may not know, fluorescent lighting solar-powered-lightscontains mercury, a highly toxic metal, and when fluorescent bulbs are not disposed of properly, that mercury is introduced into the environment; in many cases into the watershed, where it can do damage for years.

LED lights contain no mercury and are very small, so when their usefulness is over, they inherently pollute less than other kinds of outdoor lighting.  As you can see, LED solar powered outdoor lights are one of the greenest ways to provide light for your garden, or anywhere else for that matter.

Once the choices of using solar power lights has been made, then it’s time to choose from the many different kinds of outdoor lighting available.  You can choose string lights, pathway lights, or landscape lights.  The choice should be made according to the effect you want to achieve.

Pathway lights are a great way to light your way around your garden.  The solar powered lights can be located anywhere you choose, since there are no wires to be concerned about.  Simply choose a spot and place them.  The sun will charge the battery during the day, and they will light your way at night.  String lights can be strung from poles or used like Christmas lights.  Another advantage of LED lights is that they produce so little heat that there is no concern with starting a fire if you choose to string them within a tree or bush.

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