Go Green With Solar Lights

A good answer to both simple and complex garden lighting problems is solar lights.

Solar lighting has been around longer than many people realize, but with the high cost of today’s energy it is being appreciated now more than ever. The ability to provide light in a garden area has never been easier or more economical.

The savings are not just in monthly charges for electricity, which is zero, but also the cost of installation. Outdoor solar lights are completely independent from an external power source allowing them to be placed anywhere they are needed. Solar lighting not only removes the problem of having to dig up the garden to place wires and power supplies, it also redefines the concept of maintenance and repair.

There is no longer the chance that wires will be damaged by routine garden maintenance or the usual garden problems of moisture and pests damaging connections. Add this to the fact that once installed, any future expense is practically nonexistent, with only the need for an occasional replacement of bulbs or the rechargeable batteries.

Solar garden lights have all of the options available with any low voltage lighting system. They can cut on and off at dusk or dawn, and can be programmed for more complex operations. With so many sophisticated systems available the possibilities are limited only by the imagination.

Their reliability has already been proven by municipalities, and highway engineers, who have incorporated their use into numerous areas from warning lights to traffic cameras. A quick glance around many public locations will reveal solar panels providing a dependable power source for lights and other applications.

The development of smaller and more powerful solar cells has made them more practical than ever. Full sunlight is not needed to charge their batteries, so cloudy days are not a problem. The money saved by not needing external wiring, or a power source other than the sun, makes them a perfect solution for numerous lighting situations.

Most of the solar garden lights on the market are styled in a way that their solar power cell is undetectable to the untrained eye. The styles vary from antique to ultra modern, with their candlepower also available in varying degrees. Size is also a variable that knows no limits. Whether on top of a large street light fixture, or an accent light for a small plant, decorators have an unlimited variety of options for their selection.

Underwater illumination is another area where solar lighting has met the challenge. With the addition of fiber optic technology, designers have put their numerous variety of applications to use, both above the ground, and below the water.

Available in multiple colors, they are also an excellent choice for seasonal lighting and decorating. With the ease of portability afforded by having no wiring or external power source they can be easily moved about to suit the occasion. Adding more or less solar fixtures can be done in a matter of minutes, making it possible to decorate and design as you go.

Solar lights may sound like something in the future, but they are available for decorators and gardens now.

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