Small Freezers Are Cheaper And Better Than Big Freezers

Small freezers are usually deep freezers intended to fit in much smaller spaces than big freezers. They are designed to fit under the counter, under the desk, in the closet, in the dorm, where normal freezers don’t fit anywhere you need them, and often end up abandoned in the garage or basement where no one uses them.

Large freezers are often too big to fit where you need them to, and end up being unused and ignored for long periods of time because no one knows what to do with them. The problem with leaving a big freezer out in the garage especially is it can often ruin the freezer over time because the garage is just cold enough that the freezer has to try heating things up a bit instead of cooling them down.  They also take a lot of power to run and aren’t very useful.

The only thing that very large freezers should be used for is keeping long term food in them.  The best examples are food from hunting trips or harvest time from gardens, where no one wants to eat a whole bunch of the same kind of food quickly, so it goes out into the big freezer so it doesn’t spoil, but it doesn’t end up getting everyone sick of it, either.  The biggest problem with the larger freezers storing food for long periods of time is sometimes the food gets freezer burn.

The nice thing about small freezers is that they can fit where you need them and can access them.  It is a lot easier to save money with smaller versions of bigger models, because they cost less initially to start up, they cost less to power during the life of the appliance, and they make it easier to access frozen dinners that end up being far cheaper with no dip in quality when compared to take out or sit down restaurants.

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