Small Bathtub Tips

For several homes the world over, the bathroom is usually the smallest room in the house. So small in fact that it might not have the adequate space for a standard 5ft bathtub. Now before you despair and think that you’ll have to make do with a shower listen up: have you ever heard of a small bathtub? The small bathtub makes the perfect sense for the small bathroom and you will still have enough floor space to move around in. You might not have ‘enough room to swing a cat in’ – but who’d want to swing a cat in a bathroom anyway?!

small-bathtubThere are more ways than one in which you can create a sophisticated and stylish look with a small sized bathtub. When you think of small bathtubs you probably envision the typical white rectangular bathtubs that are popular in households all over the world. Because small bathtubs have made such an impact on the home furnishing market, more and more manufacturers are designing small bathtubs in a variety of styles, colors and shapes to suit any bathroom in all respects.

The circular bathtub is a small and compact bathtub that is devoid of any sharp corners and it has a nice rounded appeal to it. The great thing about this type of bathtub is that it will fit into any bathroom and despite its petite size you can still enjoy a decent soak in it. They are the perfect addition to the bathroom in small apartments or condos where a lack of space is almost always an issue.

Then there are the bathtub sizes that are deep enough to soak in but are a lot less in length. To be honest, most small bathtubs are of this style and the general idea is what they don’t have in length they make up for in depth. So while you cannot stretch out in the tub, you can be submerged in water up to your neck and the experience is just as luxurious as bathing in a standard bathtub.

We can’t neglect to mention the small corner bathtub too. Fill an empty corner with this bathtub and your bathroom will look more spacious and you won’t have to compromise with a shower.

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