Simple Home Improvement Tips

There are several areas of home improvement that can fit the qualifications of being a home improvement fix that is simple. These qualifications include little time, little effort, and little money on the responsibility of the homeowner. Have a look at some more of the home’s simplest improvement needs.

Tighten Drafty Windows

Drafty windows are uncomfortable and an inconvenience. It is advised that when dealing with drafts that weatherstripping should be used as the most effective solution. Weatherstripping involves the removal of both sashes. However, an even simpler fix can be in store for you if you decide to add an additional sash lock. Although it can very well work on any window, it is most effective on a sash that can wiggled while the lock is in use, in an in and out movement. When the work is done, the locks will be able to close with the sash pulling tightly together, ensuring that cold air is left outside, instead of inside where it does not belong.

Hide Musty Smells

home-improvementMusty smells or odors can also be a very common problem found within the home. While small areas can have smells hidden by the smallest bowl of potpourri or scented candles, this is not always the case in much larger areas, i.e. the entire house. Febreeze isn’t the only way to achieve a great smelling home. In fact, by placing vanilla extract in a few drops on the filter of the home’s furnace, you ensure that the delightful sweet wood smell will make its way throughout the vicinity of your home. Also having rubber mats at your entryways is an effective way to contain any water that you may track in fom the outside that can cause some of the musty smells.

Secure Loosened Chair Legs

Although chairs are made to sit in, sometimes those chairs give way underneath the feel of your weight especially when the chairs are old and worn. It is advised that when dealing with chairs with loose legs to extract the loose stretchers. Once they have been extracted, scrape away the remnants of old glue by using a knife as your tool of choice. Apply some epoxy and then lash the pieces together by using the band clamp to surround the legs of the chair. Any loose drips should be wiped with vinegar. In a day after applying the epoxy, have the clamps removed. The legs will be as sturdy as they would be if they were new. It always helps to protect your floors with a chair mat as well.

Silence the Bathroom Fan

For most homeowners, bathroom fans equal vent fans that are very noisy. This does not necessarily have to remain the case. The repair is a simple one that involves the removal of the bathroom fan cover and the bending of attachment brackets that are spring-loaded. This results in a grip that is tighter and closer to the ceiling. In addition to this, you can also turn the circuit breaker off and vacuum the insides of the unit to make the fan blades quiet and discontinue the motor’s strain.

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