Installing Showerheads in The Bathroom

If you are bored of your current shower you may benefit form installing new showerheads. It is a lot cheaper than undergoing a complete bathroom remodeling project. Installing a new showerhead can improve your daily showering experience quite significantly. It is something that many people do not bother to do, but it is often just a simple task of twisting a wrench to take off the old head and install the new one. It is a lot more simpler to change showerheads than many of the other jobs in the bathroom.


It is pretty inexpensive to install a new showerhead. Most basic showerheads are quite cheap but the more fancy versions can work out to be quite expensive. Prices can vary from $5 all the way up to around $100 depending on the design of the head.Interestingly, however, the price is not an indicator of the strength and quality of the water stream. The price is often a reflection of the finishing of the showerhead and material from which it is manufactured.

Types of Showerheads:

They basically come in two main types – fixed and handheld. The fixed models are mounted to the wall but the handheld types are mounted to the wall but can be removed and held in the hand. There are also models nowadays that can help the environment and these are the low flow showerheads. The low flow shower head is designed to produce a good stream of water, similar to that of a conventional model but at a lot less flow of water. The benefits of these are that they use less water and so can save you money and also benefit the environment.

Fixed Showerheads:

The fixed models are mounted to the wall of the bathroom. They usually have an extension arm which allows the unit to be swivelled around enabling it to be adjusted to any height and angle. A rainfall like flow can be achieved by using a sunflower shower head, which has a large, 8 inch or more diameter head. These are also marketed as a rain showerhead.

Handheld Showerheads:

Many people find these types more convenient than the fixed models as they perform a number of additional functions to the fixed ones. It is possible to direct the flow of water in any direction you wish. Since they can be held close to the body you can also get a higher pressure effect in the exact are you wish. This can result in reduced water consumption and also the water is warmer on the body because it does not have to fall from a height and cool on the way.

If you visit your local home depot store or search online you will find many examples of showerheads and it is just a case of deciding upon your preference and installing it.

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