Should You Use A Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner?

Should you use a natural formula of toilet bowl cleaner?

What are the pros and cons of switching?

If you are concerned about your environmental foot print you may want to switch for a conventional to natural toilet bowl cleaners. Ever year millions of gallons of water polluted with toxic chemicals are flushed down the toilet after they have been use to clean it. But cleaning the toilet does not have to have such an impact on the environment. All of us can do our part to make our planet cleaner. One simple way to do this is to switch to a natural cleaner.

But on the other hand some reviewers have said that the natural toilet bowl cleaner that they purchased did not perform as well as the conventional cleaner they were using previously. Although this is not true of every reviewer and with every product there will be those that praise it and those that do not like it.

Even if a particular cleaner does not perform quite as well it may be worth it to you to use one if it will save you from bringing something into your house that could be a danger to you, to your family, or to your pets. Many conventional cleaners have ingredients that are harmful or fatal if swallowed and some even contain things that are harmful to touch and have accumulative effects.

Whether you want to reduce you environmental foot print or want to avoid bringing things that can be dangerous into your home choosing a natural toilet bowl cleaner can be right for you. If you are happy with what you have and don’t want to take the time to check out what is available and risk buying a product that doesn’t work so well you might just want to stick with what you have.

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