Benefits of The Rival Crock Pot

The term crock pot, as in a Rival Crock Pot, is often used as a general term but is in fact a trademarked name. Crock pot is often used interchangeably with the word slow cooker and both have similar functions. The company ‘Rival’ is the original holder of the trademarked term crock pot.

The Rival crock pot is probably one of the most important tools used in the kitchen today by bust families and has been since the 1970’s. This form of cooking, or slow cooking is the perfect way to provide hot, delicious meals to busy families who are always on the go.

The appliance itself is constructed from fired clay which is often glazed and surrounded by a metallic housing. There is an electric heating element inside the unit which is controlled to maintain the slow cooker temperatures which allows the food inside to be cooked over a long period of time.

Usually a crock pot has two heat settings and a glass lid which keeps the heat within the appliance.The rival crock pot lid is vital for keeping the heat in the food, so it is advisable not to lift it off your rival crock pot whilst it is cooking or the food will lose temperature. Just taking the lid off may add an additional twenty minutes to the cooking time. It is the hot water vapor within the unit which helps keep the temperature up and stops the food from drying out.

Rival crock pots work differently to pressure cookers which, due to the increased pressure within the appliance, allow food to be cooked at temperatures higher than the boiling point of water. With crock pots, the lid is on very loosely and so the pressures will not build up in the same way.

As the name suggests, with a slow cooker, the food can be cooked for much longer than is normal with no ensuing harm to the food. The longer cooking time is advantageous as meats become more tender when cooked like this.

Recipes must be adjusted to take into account these different cooking times. In fact doing an internet search for Rival crock pot recipes will bring up a whole lot of new and different recipes. So it is good to be a little adventurous and experiment a little. Whatever you decide, buying a rival crock pot will open whole new world of culinary delights.

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