Reupholster your Chair Cushions

It happens to all households. Sometimes our dining or kitchen room chair cushions just look dull. Other times they are damaged or dirty. Sometimes buying a brand new set is an option. Other times, reupholstering is a good alternative.

If you are in a tight budget but you have some time to spare, reupholstering your chair cushion is a good idea. It requires a little bit of creativity, effort, and patience. The whole process is simple. Just follow these easy tips.

First, you have to consider the materials and your budget. In some instances, you might find indoor chair cushions sold at a low price in malls or even online. If you think making your own will save you more money and time, then proceed with your project.

Second, you also have to consider the type of chair and cushion. Some chairs chair-cushionsare made with lounge chair cushions while others are easily detachable. Make sure you know how to remove it yourself to avoid further damage.

Turn the chair upside down and unscrew the cushion you want to reupholster. You may also want to leave it there and place the new cushion on top of it. Layering the old with the new can add to your padding.

Choose a covering to your chair cushion. It should go well with your kitchen or dining room’s interior design. At the same time, the material has to look good with the chair. Some materials also gather dirt faster than other materials. If you are creative enough, even old tablecloth can do the trick.

Next, lay the fabric down then place the cushion on top of the fabric. Remember to put the cushion upside-down. Then cut the fabric according to the cushion’s shape and size. Make sure you leave enough space around the fabric so you can fold it to the sides later on.

Then use a staple gun to stick the fabric to the cushion. Make sure to starting working from front to back. Staple a few inches across and do the same at the back side of the chair.

Fold the sides as if you are folding sheets to tuck the fabric in. Do this as tightly and as neatly as you can. Do this on all sides of the chair.

Once you have tucked in all the fabric to the cushion, trim down the excess fabrics. Make sure you cut close to the staple to keep it looking clean. Reinforce the edges with more staples so it stays sturdy. Finally, attach your new chair cushions to the chair using a screwdriver.

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