Rattan Patio Furniture: A Natural Option for Your Patio

Rattan as a plant has come a long way, from a humble palm of the forest that is sturdy and flexible to a stylish material used to make classy and sophisticated furniture. Rattan is great for both indoor and outdoor furniture, however it is rattan patio furniture that has received a lot of attention when it comes to quality, value and design. Creating such a product for the outdoors is a painstaking task. A lot of factors have to be taken in consideration such as climate, moisture, heat, and dust. The challenge is to create furniture that is well-built and stylish and will not become damaged through prolonged exposure to the outdoors. Often the rattan is tightly wound and hardened to produce natural wicker furniture.

Rattan has vine-like attributes, which is the grounds for its flexibility. It is resistant to breakage, making it easy to bend and easy for weaving. It is also lightweight, making it a practical option for producing stylish furniture. The rattan plant can be cut into sections and these parts are then processed to make various types of furniture including chairs, tables, dining sets and sofas.

rattan-patio-furnitureThe preference for patio furniture today is often with synthetic products due to its strength and resistance to extreme conditions. Resin patio furniture has a number of advantages over natural products, but it lacks the authentic look of genuine rattan. Like resin furniture, rattan products are sturdy and will last a long time. They do not require much maintenance to keep it in good condition, but it is important to clean the furniture regularly to help preserve the exterior.

Rattan has proven itself to be incredibly strong, elegant and classy. Whether you are in need of stylish furniture for backyard barbecues or just a quiet seat to relax and watch the birds in the early morning, rattan furniture may be what you’re looking for.

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