Installing Kitchen Range Hoods

When you cook on the stove many air pollutants, smoke and particulate matter are released into the kitchen air and range hoods are a vital accessory to remove these. If the cooktop is gas then carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide can lead to grease filled smoke entering the air. There are other factors that can affect the air quality in the kitchen such as doors from the trash can, moisture from the washing machine and dishwasher as well as lingering smells from food.

Range Hoods

A range hood can help counteract the harmful effects of these pollutants by either removing the air from the kitchen or by cleaning it through filters. There are other benefits, however, to installing kitchen range hoods.

range hoodsWhen cooking they allow the greasy steam and burnt particulate matter to be removed rather than falling back onto the food. This can improve both the taste and health quality of the food being cooked. Also, cooking in a clean atmosphere is much more pleasant than a steamy room.

You will find that the whole of the kitchen will stay cleaner when the air is free of smoke and grease. You will often find that these pollutants leave a sticky residue on most cooking surfaces. Using range hoods will remove these particles keeping the kitchen cleaner and also making it easier to clean. Some, more advanced, island range hoods have a timer device that keeps the hood running for about ten to fifteen minutes after cooking has finished to properly clean the air.

Being able to clean the air effectively can also encourage cooks to be more creative and experimental. They no longer have to fear using foods with pungent or strong doors. Cooking foods such as fish or curries becomes much more pleasant knowing the kitchen is not going to smell of them for days after.

When buying a hood it is important to factor in the cost of installation in your overall budget. It is important that it is installed correctly by the correct technician to ensure it works correctly and efficiently. Most suppliers can provide a list of suitably qualified technicians that are able to install range hoods.

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