Pros and Cons of Installing MDF Cabinet Doors

Kitchens are the heart of every home and where a great deal of time is spent. When shopping to buy a home, the size, condition, and coloring of the kitchen can make or break the sale. People also often decide to give their kitchens a whole new look, either out of necessity for function or simply because they are ready for a new look. One of the main decisions for kitchen remodeling is the look of the cabinet furniture doors. Besides choosing a color, you also have choices for the material. You will have a handful of options, but the two main types are real wood and MDF cabinet doors (medium density fiberboard).

So what are the pros and cons of using MDF cabinets over real wood? The number one advantage is the cost. MDF cabinets tend to be less than half the cost of wooden cabinets. Not only will this save you money up front, but at any point in the future when a cabinet door needs to be replaced, it will be cheaper then as well. When you consider the amount of cabinetry needed to fill a kitchen, cost can be a vital factor in the decision making process.

There are other bonuses for using MDF cabinet doors. They are now being made to be more environmentally friendly than in the past. The quality of the finish is excellent, very much like the wooden counterparts. Also, since they are man made and don’t have a natural wood grain, they don’t tend to split.

Although those are very good reasons to use MDF cabinet doors for the kitchen, you should consider the cons as well. Kitchens tend to have a lot of moisture in them, especially the more you cook. Natural wood handles this much better than MDF cabinetry. The wood might warp because of the moisture, but that would be over quite an extended period of time. MDF doors succumb to the damage much more quickly, perhaps within months of installation, depending upon the amount of moisture in a particular kitchen. Certain doors in a kitchen are more susceptible to moisture damage, like the ones close to the sink and stove. The effects can be evident by the outer veneer coming off or swelling of the door that prevents it from properly closing. Of course this will also make the cabinetry less attractive and appealing to look at every day.

So if you are looking to get some new kitchen cabinets, it is a good idea to consider MDF doors. You will save a lot of money now, and in the future if you have to replace a single door here or there. The look can even be a great imitation of a real wood look. If you prefer to have a new kitchen that is maintenance free, and you don’t want to have to worry about moisture damage, perhaps wood cabinet doors are a better choice. Either way, remodeling a kitchen is a big job and the end result is one you will deal with every day for many years to come. It is important to take your time and make the best decision for your particular needs.

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