The Propane Heater – A Portable Heating Solution

A propane heater can be a very useful item to have around the home. In fact, I bought one a few years ago and really don;t know what I would have done without it.

A Portable propane heater is ideal to use if you need to use a heater occasionally and be able to move it to different areas of your house, garden or garage. I would not recommend having one as your permanent indoor heating solution though. Have a think about what you will be using it for, prior to purchase, so that you can get a model of heater that is ideal for your needs.

They can be used in many places, but the most common are:

Patio’s and outdoor areas – The propane patio heater has increased in popularity over the years allowing you to sit outside, enjoying a meal and a beer or two under the stars without shivering or rugging up. They can either be table mounted or, as more commonly found, floor mounted. Restaurants and bars have taken to using propane heaters quite enthusiastically. They are great as they allow more room for customers to sit as outside areas can be used in the evening. It’s also more romantic to eat outside under a nice warm heater.

Garages, Sheds and Workshops – If you live in a colder climate and spend a lot of time in your garage or shed then a portable propane heater or propane space heater is a great boon. They allow you to keep working on your projects throughout the winter months.

Camping – I personally enjoy camping and setting up a camp fire but if you are short of time or a camp fire is not your thing then a portable propane heater can provide instant heat. This may allow you to spend more time outside stargazing or eating.

Prior to buying a propane heater is important to check with the manufacturers recommendations as to whether you can use it indoors if that is your intention. If you already have a heater and want to use it indoors check the model online for further information. Specific propane heaters that can be used indoors often have a safety low oxygen cut off switch. On the subject of safety, always read the manufacturers instructions carefully.

To get the best deals on a propane heater it is worthwhile shopping around online and comparing prices and when you’ve bought it, make your you have ample supply of propane!

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