Prevention is the Best Solution to Common Plumbing Problems

Potential plumbing problems and the system have a way of showing it one day at a time. Fortunately, many homeowners nowadays are not that ignorant or unfamiliar about most of the common problems in their water transport system. There are basic fixes that are easy to do. A little know-how, some simple tools and you’re good to go.

However, repairs can be few and far between if care and maintenance were included in the equation. Bear in mind that prevention is your best protection against pipe and drain problems. These preventive steps are easy to follow, and can be accomplished even with the day. Following these steps will greatly help you preclude the likeliness of encountering plumbing issues.

Take drains, for example. A lot of inconveniences are caused by the occasional clogged drain, either in the bathroom or on the kitchen sink. The most common cause of kitchen drain clogs is grease that has solidified and accumulated in the drain pipe. The hardened grease will go on and trap other food debris like pasta and seeds. As the increase in size over time until there’s no space for water to pass through. When this happens, the end result is of course a clogged drain. In the case of the bathroom drain clogs, hair is usually the main culprit.

Solution is simple for kitchen drain clogs. Simply pour boiling hot soapy water into the drain and wait a few minutes for the grease to liquefy and flow down with the hot water. For clogged bathroom drains, use a wire hanger or plumber’s snake to fish out the obstructing hair mass. There are also chemical drain cleaners for more stubborn obstructions.

To prevent clogged bathroom drains, clean the hair strands out of the strainer or drain covers after every bath to prevent them from reaching the pipes. In the case of kitchen drains, simply stop dumping grease down the drain. Just pay attention to these two preventive steps and you’ll be free from clogged drain problems for quite a while.

To know more about how to maintain your plumbing system, you can always ask tips from professionals, like the Houston plumbing experts or Atlanta Plumbers to become more knowledgeable on how to prevent common plumbing issues from occurring.

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