Practical or Decorative Kitchen Canister Sets?

When it comes to kitchen canister sets, they are definitely not all equal when it comes to how fresh herbs and dry goods stored inside them remain. Moisture, air and light are the enemies of most herbs and some dry goods. Keeping this in mind you will probably want to look for kitchen canisters that are airtight and that are not transparent. Unless, that is, you are planning on using the canisters more for decorative purposes–to brighten up or help color coordinate your kitchen.

If you mainly want to use the canisters to add to your kitchen décor you do not need to be overly concerned about airtight lids. You will find there are a lot of different types of canisters available with porcelain probably being one of the better options because of the many varied styles of kitchen canister sets available.

However, for dry goods or herb storage you should shop for something that is practical–of course it can  be both practical and decorative at the same time. The first consideration is that the lid seals well. Moisture in the air will quickly ruin many different stored foods and herbs. There are different types of seals but in most instances you will want to look for one with a silicone gasket as these usually do the best at sealing off the canister.

Regarding glass canisters, while they may look great and they are very useful in that you can instantly see what is inside each canister, you should not use them for items that should be stored in a dark place–like most herbs should be. They are perfect for pasta and beans, but maybe not for flour or herbs.

Finally, make sure you buy canisters that are large enough to be practical for everyday use. If you bake on a regular basis make sure that your flour canister is large enough that you do not have to keep refilling it every couple of days. If you serve rice each day, the same would apply.

Keeping these few things in mind when shopping for your kitchen storage canisters will help make your choice easier.

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