Porch Awnings for Home

As you’re looking for some new awnings for your home, you may be unfamiliar with some of the newer innovations or designs. While the same intent and purpose of these porch awnings has remained essentially the same – namely, to give you a shady respite from the intense summer sun – their look and materials have changed over the years. Today, the use of materials like canvas and cotton have all but been replaced. Now, you’ll find vinyls, polypropylene and other proprietary synthetics that offer you much more than just shade.

These newer canopy materials offer you protection from the sun, but they also offer protection for the awnings themselves. Specifically, the ultraviolet rays and the elements from Mother Nature combine to give your deck canopy and porch awning a porch-awningsbeating. Using materials like these synthetics give your deck or patio the protection it needs in a material that itself will last. We’ve all seen those tattered and faded cotton or canvas awnings above door openings and shops around town. It looks terrible and it no longer serves its function. This is the last thing you want to have to deal with each summer.

Choosing these new materials is a wise investment. You’ll notice that they aren’t cheap. For a typical 10’ x 10’ awning, you can start your pricing at about $1,500 USD, not including shipping, if you order online. These come in a variety of colors and patterns, solid colors and print patterns are still the most popular and will be more easily found. You can also find scalloped edge details or overhanging choices that give you more side-blocking sun protection on most of these designs.

In terms of how they operate, you will have the option of going manual or motorized. Both work on similar styles of having a rolling open and hinged mechanism with swing arms. The awnings roll out of their protective case or tube and then, when fully opened, are supported by arms mounted to your home or patio structure. To retract, either reverse the cranking arm or you can flip a switch or remote. For larger size porch awnings or these motorize versions, you can expect to pay hundreds, even thousands more.

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