Pool furniture to reflect the owner’s style

Home furnishings make a unique and fun way to make the home inviting for everyone. One’s personal choices may depend on personality and sense of style seen in each piece. Some home occupants may prefer solid woods while others would choose plastic or veneer covered pressed woods. Today, retro furniture is a popular choice that offers odd shapes coupled with bright colors from the fifties. Antique furnishings can add some savvy to the rooms being decorated.

Mirrored furniture offers classic fashion as well as beauty. Mirrored furniture is pool-furnituremanufactured in two different ways. The Chelsea mirrored chest is constructed using Asian hardwood along with veneer that is polished to attract light and mirror the room. Sides and drawer faces on buffet consoles may be polished with a reflective surface as well. In the bath, vanities can accent the room and increase the available light that is useful when applying cosmetics or changing clothing.

The style can also look great in the bedroom. Dressers, night stands and armoires can be purchased from several different manufacturers. In the hallway, accent chests and entry stands offer a great way to make the hall appear larger. The polished mirror may be an actual mirror, rubbed chrome or a highly polished veneer. The piece can offer a breath taking shine to every visitor.

Pool furniture is another place where this type of furniture is a great choice. By choosing a poolside table that is mirrored owners help to keep the drink cool. As the sun reflects off the table, ice in the cups is maintained somewhat longer than usual. The furniture can be purchased in metal, wood or wicker with the mirrored surface giving a great look to the pool area. The beauty can attract the neighbors and become a favorite gathering place.

Decorating the home can be a fun task. It offers unique opportunities to show one’s own sense of style.

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