Add Beauty To Your Home With a Pine Wardrobe

A pine wardrobe is a beautiful addition to a home. They are most commonly used in a bedroom. Many older homes weren’t built with the large spacious closets that we love now. A wardrobe can add some much needed storage space. A wardrobe keeps all of the contents in an enclosed space. Garments are protected from sun exposure, dust, and pets. The wardrobe itself is easy to clean and keep free of dust.

Wardrobes and armoires are not limited to the bedroom. Many modern homes lack coat closets. This is especially true in the south where the temperatures are much milder than in the north. Pine wardrobes looks lovely in a living room or foyer and can keep the clutter of coats hidden from the eye. Most wardrobes and armoires have drawers below the compartment for hanging garments. These drawers can be used to hold shoes, umbrellas, and some are deep enough to hold purses. Briefcases can be kept inside the main compartment.

A solid pine wardrobe can also be useful in a bathroom or a dining room. When most people think of a wardrobe, they think of a large piece of furniture with a section for hanging garments. Some wardrobes have shelving instead of a rod. In a bathroom, the armoires with drawers can be used to hold linens and towels. In a dining room, they can be used to hold and protect dishes, stemware, and supplies for beverages. The drawers at the bottom can hold napkins, tablecloths, and cutlery.

Any room in a house can use the warmth of natural wood. Beautiful pine wood can be incorporated in any type of interior design. Contemporary, industrial chic, rustic, and all of the historic design styles can benefit from eye-pleasing wood. People who don’t like natural wood can have the pine painted instead of stained. For the people who love the look of natural wood, solid pine wardrobes can be protected under a clear coat.

Pine wood typically has a wonderful pale base with a rich grain. It’s a durable wood that can be used to create a piece of furniture that will last generations. It’s also a sustainable wood. Pine is plentiful upon our planet and new pine trees are being planted everyday by both Mother Nature and humans.

There’s nothing like the addition of real wood furniture to a home. The pressboard used in many pieces of ready-made furniture just doesn’t last like real wood. Nothing compares to the warmth and beauty of natural pine. When it comes to exploring design ideas, a pine wardrobe can used in nearly any room in the house.

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