The Pine Dresser Provides Practical And Decorative Benefits

Are you searching for the ideal furniture piece for displaying collectibles, china, or pottery, or possibly a place for linen storage – if so, look no further than the pine dresser. When additional storage space is necessary in the kitchen or living room, what will serve this purpose perfectly? The solid pine dresser will effectively meet these needs especially if you enjoy handmade charm that provides a welcoming warmth that beautifies the room, while still serving a practical purpose.

When you choose to add a pine dressers to your living room, you are declaring your individuality. You can build your complete room arrangement around this piece of furniture, and utilize the extra shelf space to show off prized possessions. Your most beloved tea service set, along with your grandmother’s treasured china, will look fantastic in your new dresser. You will be prepared for the chilly nights of winter, with some blankets handily stored behind the closed doors of the dresser’s additional storage cabinets.

The antique pine dresser is the ideal example of what you expect from the well designed kitchen. Your dishes, pots, pans, and linens each have a place where they can be neatly stored. You’re pine crafted dresser is lending an air of country charisma to your room, that gives all visitors a peak into your personality. This piece of furniture does an amazing job of giving the kitchen a finished look, when it is used to fill an empty wall.

Visions of a cottage in a country meadow, come to mind, when your antique pine dresser is painted white, or has a finish of light stain. A dark stain brings out the knotting and enhances the unique grain of the wood, allowing you and visitors to appreciate the true beauty of wood. Any taste or design style can be satisfied by the wide selection of dresser styles available to choose from. If you prefer a more rural appearance, plank pine may be the best choice for you.

You can give your most treasured possessions added security and avoid some dusting, by utilizing glass-paned doors. There are a number of cabinet and shelving alternatives available to suit your needs. You can create more visual attraction and depth, by including tongue and groove backboards to your unit.

For a more cultured, aristocratic flair, carved moldings and panels, as well as pleasing curves, allow this wardrobe to compliment the decor in a classical environment. You can create a mixture of colors and textures, by weaving vines of ivy, among delicate china or vibrant pottery. The pine welsh dresser makes the perfect focal point in the room, when the appropriate coordinating pieces are added.

Any kitchen or living room will be greatly enhanced by the elegance and practicality of the pine dresser. Your room will reap the benefits of the wardrobe’s ideal combination of charisma, welcoming charm, and ornamental attractiveness. While adding depth to the space, your dresser provides the perfect showcase for displaying your most cherished china, pottery, and collectibles. And, you will have additional linen storage space, so your winter blanket is always handy. Your home will shine with classic beauty, gracious charm, and inviting personality, thanks to the addition of your pine dresser.

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