Adding Elegance With a Pine Chest of Drawers

If you are looking to add elegance and beauty to your home, consider purchasing a pine chest of drawers.
They add a warm touch to your living area. Typically, they are purchased for use in a bedroom; however, they work well in any room where you need additional storage space.

They come in many styles. They have anywhere from 3, 4, 5 or 6 drawers and, of course, are usually purchased to provide extra storage and help organize a room.

Before making your purchase decision, ask yourself:

Will a pine chest of drawer look right with my other furniture? Will it blend in well?

The answer is pine furniture works very well with other types of wood. It stands out and can actually brighten a room; while providing a good focal point for your whole room. Pine furniture is a long-term investment and designed to last, so expect to spend a little more initially, but it’s worth it. When you purchase fine furniture, you have a distinctive piece for your home.

Pine is a soft wood and has natural irregularities that only adds to it’s uniqueness. It is not a good idea to place your pine furniture in direct sunlight or near a heat source. Pine wood is susceptible to temperature changes so try to keep your room at a controlled temp; no quick fluctuations in temperature is recommended.

Taking care of your solid pine chest of drawers isn’t a difficult task. Never place cold or hot items directly on the top of the furniture; use a place mat or coaster. Since your new furniture may have been sitting in a warehouse for a period of time, it is a good idea to wax the new furniture and then regularly, wipe with a slightly wet cloth. Even an older antique pine chest of drawers should be regularly wiped with a damp cloth. Never, ever use detergent or soap for cleaning and no furniture polish that contains Silicon should be used. It is best to do a spot test on a portion not easily seen, to ensure you are not damaging the wood. Remember, pine tends to have a negative reaction to man made cleaning products. Natural woods breath and absorb humidity in the room in which they are placed so your furniture will need periodic re-treating to maintain it’s beauty. Use a non-perfumed block wax and always be sure you follow manufacturer’s care directions. Waxing every six months or so is sufficient after the initial cleaning to keep your furniture looking like new.

A well built set of pine chest of drawers can be enjoyed for years.

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