Parquet Flooring – The Top Choice

Parquet flooring has a traditional beauty that outshines many other types of flooring. It is not just the attraction of the real wood surface but also the patterns and decorative aspects of this type of flooring which makes them so appealing. They have been used for many years but look equally as good in both contemporary homes and traditionally styled homes. There is something about the old-fashioned attractiveness of a parquet floor that appeals to people. They can also increase the value of your home quite considerably and makes your house easier to sell in years to come. They are also relatively easy to maintain with the advent of modern varnishes and waxes.

Many hardwood floors need little more than occasional sweeping and wiping with a damp cloth. Parquet floors can come in two tone blends mixing traditional woods such as oak with more exotic woods such as wenge and bamboo. Almost any decorative theme you have in your house can be enhanced with beautiful parquet wood flooring. With the use of exotic woods almost any color scheme can also be complemented.

A question many people ask is – why should we choose hardwood flooring? Straight off the bat, the most obvious answers to this question include the fact that they are affordable, durable and have a timeless classic appeal. They are also an authentic flooring material. Why settle for second best using laminates and wood print carpets or linoleum. It is often just as easy to install the real thing i the first place. They are also simple to care floor, require little maintenance and are resistant to a lot of stains and damage. Wear and tear often contributes to their attractiveness over the years. Many people now choose to install reclaimed parquet flooring taken from buildings such as schools and city halls.

Unlike laminate flooring and carpets, a hardwood parquet floor can be used in kitchens although it is not recommended to install them in areas of excessive damp such as the bathroom or laundry. If your flooring does become marked and damaged over the years they can simply be sanded down and refinished to give you a brand new looking floor. This is not an option with laminates which need replacing.

As you can see, parquet floors have a number of advantages over more modern materials and it is for that reason that they are always my first choice of flooring.

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